Enhance Your Appearance with
BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatments

Are you searching for more information about what Botox® Cosmetic can do for you?

Over time, your facial muscles contract resulting in "wrinkles” and "frown lines” that make you look older. BOTOX®  Cosmetic is a simple non-surgical cosmetic treatment for temporarily reducing "frown lines” between your eye brows, forehead, and "crows feet" around your eyes that have developed.
BOTOX® Cosmetic is an Easy and Relatively Painless way to Reduce Facial Wrinkles
Giving You A Younger Look!

The main attraction to BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment is that it's a simple, non-surgical process that takes only 10-minutes. With just a few tiny BOTOX® Cosmetic injections you’ll experience a noticeable improvement that can last up to 6 months. Our patients tell us the injections only feel like a slight "pin prick” and since they only take about 10 minutes to administer, you can get your BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment during a lunch break.


Other things BOTOX® Cosmetic can do:
  • Treat excess sweating of the underarms and palms (or anywhere else unwanted sweat occurs)
  • Treat tension and migraine headaches
  • Treat the excess wrinkles and bands of the neckline (also known as the wrinkled chicken neck)

We Can Provide Your BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatment With Total Safety.

Brian Sandler, M.D. has been performing BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments since 1994. He perfected his techniques over the last ten years in Georgia and South Florida, before returning to his native Michigan. Dr. Sandler is a graduate of the Wayne State University School of Medicine. He currently maintains both a private practice and teaching appointment as a Clinical Instructor in Dermatologic Surgery at Wayne State University's Department of Dermatology.

What are the costs of BOTOX® Cosmetic injections?

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The following before and after pictures of our patients illustrate what we can do to help you enhance your appearance with Botox: 

Case Example #1

50 year old woman with wrinkles between her eyebrows.



*Results may vary

Case Example #2

52 year old woman with "crows feet" around the eyes.



*Results may vary